Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 Hugs & 4 Shoogas

Every single shool day, since July 17th, I have been given "4 Hugs & 4 Shoogas, because I'm 4 years old now, Mommy".  In my book, it's pretty much one of the best things ever.  But I'm simple like that when it comes to my kids! :)
   Jackson moved into the 4 year old class last week, as school started back.  He thought that was pretty cool, since he'd be in the big kid class now, but he's also informed me that next year he'll be at really big school and going to kindergarten!  I'm not so ready for that, but I'm also not worried.  He's a great little guy, I know he'll make friends and enjoy all the new experiences! 
He has such a soft heart too!  He can stop me in my tracks and really make me think and appreciate!  That's huge!  On the way to school a few days ago, he told me that "I wanted a good Daddy, so God made him for me".  Genius!  And I hadn't realized until then, how right he is!  God made US, the parents, for THEM, our kids!  Not the other way around!
One day when we picked up Sawyer, he was having "one of his fits" as we say.  No tears.  Nothing is really wrong.  He's just mad/not getting his way/doesn't want to do whatever.  He's the bulldozer and the fact that he's 17 months old, and not 4 - just like his brother - evades him at times.  Anyway, Jackson and I were picking Sawyer up and Sawyer was having a fit. As I am trying to get him buckled into his seat, Jackson is steadily picking up toys, etc. offering them to help settle him down.  "Sawyer, you want this toy?"  Sawyer takes the toy, looks at it, then throws it down saying "No!".  Three toys given and thrown before my sweet little boy offers to share his snack with his little brother.  "Mommy, can Sawyer have some of my snack?  Can he eat craisins?"  I said, "Yes, he can eat those, are you sure you want to share?  That's really nice of you!"  Jackson - "Yes, it will make my baby brother happy.  Here you go, Sawyer!"  To which Sawyer says "Thank you"  and the fit was turned off.