Thursday, April 21, 2011

a storm to remember

I am so not a fan of storms! If we were talking some rain, a little thunder, even lightening, I'd be fine! But in the past 2 weeks we have had STORMS! I'm talking tornado sirens going off storms!
Well on the most recent night of storms I was home alone with the boys, Kyle was out of town. And long story of how I was a nervous wreck all night made short, my point is that I ended up putting us in the bathroom during these tornado warnings/watches.
This is where my story that I want to remember actually starts. As I decided to "move into a safer area", Sawyer was almost asleep and Jackson was ready to have his down time. Carrying Sawyer, I grabbed up a handful of books and told Jackson to "come with me". I grabbed all the pillows and blankies out of his room and we landed in the bathroom floor. He thought it was "cool". I told him is was "like camping". Sawyer was uncomfortable and sleepy and then he got hot because I was holding him in my lap. But Jackson was a trooper!!! He laid back on his pillow, pulled a blankie up on his legs, read books and drank his milk! Never a complaint, never asking to get up and leave, nothing!! I did tell him that the rain wasn't so loud when we were in there. Then he took it upon himself to tell his little brother, "It's ok Sawyer, we're just being safe, it's big rain outside"!
We weren't in there for too terribly long, thankfully! And then they were quickly asleep! Which is really good, because they slept through me carrying them back into the bathroom during the night!

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