Thursday, February 17, 2011


a few “Jacksonisms” for the memory book....

This morning I got caught in Alcoa school traffic...ugh...well, a minivan in front of me was letting everyone go in front of him and Jackson asked why that car was in front of us, I said “because he won’t go” “why won’t he go” and then I mumbled “b/c he doesn’t know how to drive” to which Jackson says “why not? Just turn on the car and turn the wheel. I can drive my Mack truck” (that would be Mack, from Cars, the movie)

I dressed him in jeans today. I rarely do that. Anyway, when we got to school he went in the playroom and I went to his room to put his stuff in his cubby. When I got back to tell him bye, he had his knee up to Mrs. Melba’s and was saying “look Mrs. Melba, me and you have on our britches” So I explained that his Uncle has taught him that jeans are britches and everything else are just pants.

Oh and last night.... Kyle always asks me “did you talk to anyone today” So Jackson has picked up on this. We were eating supper and he turns to me and asks “you talk to anyone today?” and I said “January, and Carrie, and Aunt Jessy” and he wanted to know what everyone said and then I told him that Savannah was sick and had to go to the dr. So he says “like me and Sawyer? Savannah doesn’t feel good, like me and Sawyer don’t feel good? Aunt Jessy will take care of her and she will feel better”

Last week, during another snow, I was layering on his clothes to go play in the snow when he says to me "Mommy, you know who makes the snow?" So, of course I ask who. To which he replies in the sweetest 3 1/2 year old voice, "God does! He's smart! He can do ANYTHING!"

He's so great!!!! I mean, honestly, a GREAT kiddo! And I absolutely LOVE the things he says!!! And the random "I love you Mommy" or "I give you a hug and shooga" are THE BEST!!!