Friday, January 7, 2011

The Boys

So Sawyer is 10 months. TEN. MONTHS. Hello?! That's 2 short of ONE YEAR! When that happened, I'm not really sure!
Kyle calls him "the bull dozer". It's not the most endearing thing he's been called, but it's probably the most accurate. This child does not care what is in his way, if he wants on the other side, done. He'll go over, through, sometimes around, shove it out of his way. Whatever it takes. And he's not slowed down by said obstacle. But he's so loving too! He just lays his head over on me, and he gives big wet baby sugars! It's the best!

Jackson is 3 1/2! Like, I'll have a pre-K kid in seven months?! Cra-zee!
Of course he's really 3 going on 13. He cracks me up! The things this kids says! A friend of mine posted on her FB that her little one was calling her by her first name. It reminded me that I needed to write down what Jackson has called us. He's called his Daddy, Kyle. And he knows he's not really supposed to, so he does it in sing-song and then smiles. And he's called me "Honey". Again with the sing-song and smile. A comedian, and a so loving too!

Let's see....
He loves PB&J's -to the point he really could turn into one! I'll ask him on our drive home what sounds good for supper, and he answers "Weeelll, Maybe a peanut butter jelly would be good". He likes to use "maybe" and he's started this drawn out "weeelll" pronounced more like 'whale' very southern, very cute!

I told him he was a "stinkpot" and he always says "No, Pa's a stinkpot". It's Pa's word, so naturally. To which I said "I think you're a stinkpot too". And he replies with "Weeelll, maybe sometimes"

Start Over

Rewind, Do Over, Begin Anew, Whatever you want to call it.

One of my New Year's resolution is to get back to and be better at blogging!! I'm going to stop worrying about how things sound and if it's interesting to some random reader and just do it for me. For the boys. For a record. And if I don't want someone to read it, then I won't post it, but I WILL "write it down"!

Because, I mean, how many times to think "I really need to write this down!"?? Sometimes I will email it or text it to myself for a reminder. But from now on, it's here, in one place. Yes. That's one of my resolutions!