Monday, August 23, 2010

Reality Check!

(This was actually written on Aug 23rd, but was still hanging out in my drafts)

...As in, I got mine, over and over, after writing that last post!!
That was a big ol cry baby post! And I needed that, but I quickly got over it!
Know why????
Because I am so amazingly blessed!!! I have 2 healthy little boys, that WANT my attention and company! I have a loving husband who is an adoring Daddy! We have a home, jobs, food, clothes, all the "things" we need! And so yes, I am busy, I have things to get taken care of, I have children and a husband (and a rotten puppy dog) all for me to take care of!! And you know what?! I wouldn't change any of that! That post was a vent, and that's fine, but I need to get over myself! I need to remember all of my blessings! To realize that those busy mornings are blessings! To remember when I crash into bed at night that I'm blessed! Yeah, I need to suck it up, grow up, and look up and say THANK YOU!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mom guilt and brutally embarrassing honesty

It is by far the very worst thing in the universe! I mean, it has to be, right?! I am at a constant struggle just with myself! My boys are the very most important things in my life, period! Not my house, not some image, not anything else. As long as they are happy and healthy, I'm doing my job! So, why oh why can I never feel unguilty about one thing or another?!
It's so bad in the mornings right now....
This is the every morning conversation: (me in the bathroom, the boys on my bed watching Mickey Mouse) "Mommy, what you doing?" "I'm getting ready for work. What are you doing?" "Watching Ca'toons. I don't want you to go to work. I want you to stay home with me and baby Sawyer."
I mean, are you kidding me with that??? Break. my. heart. EVERY morning!
And then there's the house. Being totally honest here, it's a wreck! Stuff everywhere that needs to be put away, somewhere! But how do I do that when I have a 3 year old that just wants me to play with him and a 5 month old that just wants to see me in the same room?!
So, a break down of my day roughly goes something like this (Kyle leaves as I'm waking up)....
I wake up; begin getting myself ready for the day/work; take Trey Trey Bear to the back door to do his morning business; I dash into the boys' rooms to get any supplies needed for the diaper bag being taken to the sitters and quickly re-stock that; let Trey back in; head back into my bathroom/room; by this point, if not before, Jackson is waking up and calling for me, he needs me to carry all of his "ki-ki's" (aka: blankets and loveys) to my room; we work on the potty training, sometime this is quick and easy, other times it's pulling teeth; he then wants a cup of milk (I don't dare do this step without him, he's a big helper and always wants to "go with you"); back to my room to watch ca'toons; I'm back in the bathroom or the closet at this point; now Sawyer's waking up; I get him and put him on my bed, change his diaper, and his clothes; back to getting me ready; time for a bottle; start telling Jackson to get ready to go bye-bye; finish bottle/burp; tell Jackson to gather what he wants to take with him, tell him to leave half of it at home, tell him to go put his shoes on; let him turn off the TV; gather anything of mine that I need - shoes, jewelry, phone; head into the living room; buckle Sawyer into his carrier; fold up blankies that are going in the bag; get various breakfast food items that are chosen for that day (right now it's Dora yogurt, apple sauce, and a nutri-grain bar); head out the door; put Sawyer in the car; Jackson looks for a flower for me, then comes to his side of the car; head to the sitters; drop off the boys; head to work; work my 8 hours; head back to sitters to pick up the boys; hopefully go straight home, but many times we have to make a mad dash to Kroger's or Wal-Mart; get home; get a snack and a drink refill for Jackson; get Sawyer situated in/with a toy; pull out ingredients for supper; start a load of laundry; check on boys (our kitchen is a separate room - ugh - but Sawyer is usually in the kitchen with me; start supper; check on boys; go get something for one of them; give Sawyer a bottle; finish supper; Kyle gets home; we eat; it's bath time - one of us bathes and the other cleans up the kitchen; after baths we each take a kiddo, and get them to sleep; Kyle usually gets Sawyer to sleep, so then he picks up the living room or folds laundry; head to bed to do it all again in a few hours!
So that's Monday - Friday!
Weekends: spent cleaning/laundry, visiting family, going to Church, and trying to sit down for a minute! And that is why I let many things go that I normally, or pre-children, wouldn't have!
And I have a slew of projects that I am just itching to get done. But I just can't! If I do find the time, I just can't bring myself to work on stuff.... Mom Guilt! If I have so called "free time" then I want to spend that with the boys. If they are sleeping or such, then I feel like I need to be cleaning and organizing all the things that I have let go at other times! It's awful! How do I have the Cleaver's life??

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disney on Ice!

Back in April, we took these 2 cuties to see some of their favorite characters! Disney on Ice!! Seriously, I don't know who had more fun: or !! It was great! We sang, and clapped! The boys never lost interest - that's huge! Plus, they got to spend some time together, which is always a hit! So blessed to have such good friends and kids the same age!!


I'm a terrible blogger! I love reading other people's blogs though! And I'm terrific at writing drafts! I write about my kids, family, happenings. I write about things I'm thinking. and that's another thing, is this a family documenting blog, or a say whatever I'm thinking blog?! I can never it flip flops! But to blog timely, I'm not so good. So, let's work on that...again....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Introducing ...(2 weeks late)

The newest addition...
Sawyer was born March 4th!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This time tomorrow...

It is 11:57am, on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010, and this time tomorrow we will, at the very least, be at the hospital. Our family is growing, and little brother will be here sometime tomorrow! I am 39 weeks and induction has been scheduled for March 4th, 2010.... yep, tomorrow! We are very excited to meet our youngest son!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We finally got real snow at our house. Not the icy stuff, or just the dry that only sticks to vehicles, real actual go out and play snow! And Jackson is at the perfect age for his first actual go out and play snow! So, that's just what we did on Monday! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day. I also took some super cute videos that I'll have to figure out how to upload and share!
He wasn't too sure about all the layering, but he went with it!
He instantly knew how to make snowballs! Seriously, is that a boy thing??
And this is the sweet face I saw all day!! He loved every single second of being outside in the snow! Makes me sad that I don't get to see it all day everyday! :(
side note... I had to call in to work, because apparently Saline County was as south as the snow went! Malvern got nothing, I mean, NOT-A-THING, nothing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Warm Fuzzies!

I don't know if anyone really reads my blog or not....well, I mean I know a handful of my friends do and I read their blogs too!
-------> check out some good peeps to your right.

Anyway, one of the blogs I read and keep up with is Kelly's Korner. If you read anyone's blog, then most likely you've at least seen the icon link to Kelly's blog. She's good southern folk, from Arkansas, with a precious baby girl and a heartwarming story. Her blog is followed by thousands! And she does this fun thing by linking blogs through a certain topic. I think she does this weekly. I click on and read a few, but I never participate.....I'm not that good of a blogger. :) Moving along..... Today, or maybe she posted it last night, she chose the topic "Simple Pleasures". Well, today I'm participating, I like this topic.

So, all that to say, "Here's my list of simple pleasures"

~ belly laughs

~ big hugs and sugars from my 2 1/2 yr old!

~ conversations with said 2 1/2 yr old

~ um, pretty much anything 2 1/2 yr old does and says! :)

~ clean sheets on the bed

~ new socks

~ yoga pants, t-shirts, and my Uggs

~ sitting on a porch

~ rocking chairs

~ Southern Living magazine

~ the smells of honeysuckle, cut hay, and just mowed grass

~ Chocolate chip cookies still warm and gooey from the oven

~ cardigans

~ fire in the fireplace

~ camping

~ sitting under the camper awning while it's raining

~ NAPS!!!

~ football season

~ visiting with old friends

~ Christmas lights

~ Sonic ice

~ dairy bar milkshakes and greasy cheeseburgers

~ fishing in a pond

~ driving across the Lake DeGray dike about sunset

~ memories

~ days at home with nothing to do and everyone there

~ photos

~ my Nanny's breakfasts...with home made biscuits!
What are your "warm fuzzies"?
Leave me a comment so I'll know you were here! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


  1. Insurance companies.... had to call, got automated voice recognition, took 3-4 minute, finally offered to allow me to speak to a representative, got a msg saying “all representatives are currently in training sessions, call back in 1 hour”. UGH!

  2. Roll-y back packs.... if your backpack on wheels is clearly heavier than the 1 book you have in it, leave the back pack in the car! Or at least don’t roll it past my office on the tile floor!!!!!!!!!!!! Click click click click click click....

  3. public restrooms.... several on this one....
    a) if the stall door is clearly closed, as in most likely locked, do not try to pull/push on it, move on to the next one!
    b) if you go into the restroom and someone else is already in one of the stalls, just assume they need a few minutes and would greatly appreciate you getting out! Do your business and be on your way! Don’t primp and fix forever!
    c) Do NOT talk on your phone while in, especially if you are the one needing a few extra minutes of privacy!
    d) WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!! Ewwwwww!!!!!!