Friday, November 20, 2009

Prayer Request

Great News – earlier this afternoon they took Preston off of the ventilator. He is breathing on his own. Also, he is moving around some when coming out of the medication and he recognized His grandmother's voice. He was twisting his head around to try to find her. The nurse said that they really had been blessed with how well he is doing. She got a little teary eyed when saying that. They told the nurse that lots of prayers have been going up for this precious child. All of the family are in good spirits.

From another friend's mother, who visited them at the hospital this morning.....
They removed the obstruction, it was a small piece of pea gravel logged into the ventricle going into his left lung. It was about the size of the top of my little finger. They are trying to get his oxygen levels up and the fluid out of his lung. He was moving around and starting to pitch a fit, which they felt was a good sign. They won’t know for a while if there is any damage to his lung or brain (due to oxygen deprivation). Nathan, the father, said that he had been coughing – gagging for a couple of weeks, and they had taken him to the doctor three times in the past two weeks and was told it was sinus drainage / croup.

Please pray there was no damage done!

Original post:
A friend of mine’s son, just under 2-yrs old, was rushed to the hospital last night. From what I understand, he was having trouble breathing. It was discovered that he had an obstruction to his lung. He was med-flighted to Children’s Hospital on life support where he had emergency surgery to remove a ROCK from his lung!
As of this morning, he is still at Children’s and will remain on life support until tomorrow.
I don’t have any other information yet! But I know a prayer can’t hurt a bit!

For those of you that know Bismarck people it is Nathan Hughes’ son, Teresa (Collie) Hughes’ grandson.
Nathan and I graduated HS together. Mom and Teresa graduated HS together.