Monday, August 31, 2009


I am so loving this weather right now!! I mean, anywhere in the 80s in August is great, but it's been lower 80s the past few days!! It makes me so ready for Fall! By far my favorite season is Fall! I love the weather, the clothes - nothing better than a sweater, jeans, and boots, except maybe a hoodie! - the festivals, the festival food, and of course FOOTBALL!! And I am so excited about all of that this year for Jackson! We did some of the festivals last year and he enjoyed being out in his stroller and seeing things. But this year, I just envision him actually having fun at all that stuff! Saline County's fair starts next week and if the weather stays even close to this it will be perfect! And our Church is having a Fall Festival on Halloween this year with pony rides and inflatables! You can't beat that! And not to mention going to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends!! Hopefully I will have some cute pictures to post in the coming weeks! Plus, in about a month, I will be an Aunt!!! Exciting stuff this time of year! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Of all the ridiculous things...

First, I realize I've strayed away from "update" postings. I will try to get one up soon. I've just been hesitant about putting up very much personal information anymore.

Ok, back to THIS post...My sister just sent me this link (see above). It's from a television station out of St. Louis' website. A Burger King (blech) there told a lady that she would have to take her food to go instead of dinning in because...get this... BECAUSE her 6 MONTH OLD child did not have on shoes!!!!!!!!!! He cited the whole "no shoes, no shirt, no service" and then said that it was against health codes?! The lady even tried putting socks on her baby (which is a WAY calmer reaction than I would have had!) and the manager still said no!! And get this, Burger King apologized by offering the lady a free meal, A, one, cingular free meal!! You can just add this to my file of "why I don't eat at Burger King!"