Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What happened to Zach Morris?!


Yahoo has an article on their site today about Saved By The Bell!! LOVED that show! LOVED!!! I can honestly remember coming to school on Mondays and talking about the show ALL DAY LONG!! I have an image in my head of being in the old cafeteria, in line, tray in hand, think I was pumping some gravy, and can almost hear my voice talking about "what Zach said" or "what Kelly was wearing"!!! And how about this... the show started in 1989?! Um, that's 20 years ago?? Feel old?!
The article is one of those "where are they now?" bio blurbs. So, I click on it to find out! And I see this:

I mean, seriously, WHAT happened to Zach?! Eww!! He's so.... so.... greasy looking! No where close to that cutie, clean-cut, preppy boy! I'm sad!
Everyone else from that show looks like I would imagine them to. Still cute, just older. - it happens. sigh.

A.C. - even cuter now, in my opinion! We pretty much knew what he had been up to. He's pretty much the only one that didn't disappear!

Kelly - not the best angle for that chin, but still looks good. She did Beverly Hills 90210, but since that....

Lisa - precious, but not much of a post-SBTB career.

Jessie- wow, she so messed up with that little stripper, er dancer movie she did!!


LeLe said...

Whoa. Talk about a blast from the past! I seriously think I saw every single episode of SBTB. Leslie and I would watch it like four times in a row in the dorms because it would come on twice on TBS and then two more times on WB (back when it was WB).

Jessie has been on CSI: Miami and yes, she looks rough. She's had too much plastic surgery. Haven't seen Zach in awhile but I think he was on NYPD: Blue, which I never watched and some lawyer show that tanked.

Thanks for cracking me up!

LeLe said...

Re: your comment on my blog

Wouldn't you like to know? Haha. Seriously, hoping within the next year or two for one of our own.

I love the new picture on your header. Too cute!