Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Inspired by SNL and encouraged by the stupid people, a few "REALLY?!?"'s...

  • Ugh! Really?? It's called a blinker! It is conveniently located to the left of your steering wheel, so close that most people need but move their index finger to activate it! Not only is it the LAW to use it - really! - but it is courteous AND as I am inevitably the one driving behind you, it helps out ME and YOU! Really?! Do you WANT me to slam into the back of your beemer? Really?? Because you slowing down and then jerking the wheel to turn CAN cause just that to happen! Then guess what...that would be YOUR fault! Yes, really! Ugh!

  • Really?!? Did you really just leave the public restroom WITHOUT washing your hands?! Really?? That is beyond gross! And did you really just see me (therefore, I SAW YOU) and you STILL walked out without washing your hands?? WOW! Ok, so now you're gross and you don't care who knows it!!

I forsee more to come! Really! :)

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LeLe said...

Love this! Can't wait for more.