Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Inspired by SNL and encouraged by the stupid people, a few "REALLY?!?"'s...

  • Ugh! Really?? It's called a blinker! It is conveniently located to the left of your steering wheel, so close that most people need but move their index finger to activate it! Not only is it the LAW to use it - really! - but it is courteous AND as I am inevitably the one driving behind you, it helps out ME and YOU! Really?! Do you WANT me to slam into the back of your beemer? Really?? Because you slowing down and then jerking the wheel to turn CAN cause just that to happen! Then guess what...that would be YOUR fault! Yes, really! Ugh!

  • Really?!? Did you really just leave the public restroom WITHOUT washing your hands?! Really?? That is beyond gross! And did you really just see me (therefore, I SAW YOU) and you STILL walked out without washing your hands?? WOW! Ok, so now you're gross and you don't care who knows it!!

I forsee more to come! Really! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What happened to Zach Morris?! UPDATE

He was on Jimmy Fallon last night AS Zach Morris!! This is the link to the Jimmy Fallon show with a video clip of the interview!!
Shear genious, hilarity!! And I'm very happy to say that Zach DOES NOT look like the greasy slime ball in this interview that he looked like in the Yahoo article!! This makes me oh so happy!!
And, Yes, I did just do 2 post about Saved By The Bell!!! And I'm ok with that!! LOL! :)

What happened to Zach Morris?!

Yahoo has an article on their site today about Saved By The Bell!! LOVED that show! LOVED!!! I can honestly remember coming to school on Mondays and talking about the show ALL DAY LONG!! I have an image in my head of being in the old cafeteria, in line, tray in hand, think I was pumping some gravy, and can almost hear my voice talking about "what Zach said" or "what Kelly was wearing"!!! And how about this... the show started in 1989?! Um, that's 20 years ago?? Feel old?!
The article is one of those "where are they now?" bio blurbs. So, I click on it to find out! And I see this:

I mean, seriously, WHAT happened to Zach?! Eww!! He's so.... so.... greasy looking! No where close to that cutie, clean-cut, preppy boy! I'm sad!
Everyone else from that show looks like I would imagine them to. Still cute, just older. - it happens. sigh.

A.C. - even cuter now, in my opinion! We pretty much knew what he had been up to. He's pretty much the only one that didn't disappear!

Kelly - not the best angle for that chin, but still looks good. She did Beverly Hills 90210, but since that....

Lisa - precious, but not much of a post-SBTB career.

Jessie- wow, she so messed up with that little stripper, er dancer movie she did!!