Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Since we last met...

Wow, I really thought I'd be better at this whole blog thing! After seeing my blog on friends' pages and seeing that I haven't posted anything since February, I am REALLY dropping the ball on this one! I mean, I have plenty to say...Usually fairly witty, or at the least sarcastic...An adorable almost-two-year-old, a husband, a couple puppies, I work... Hmmm, maybe that's why I'm not better- I have zero time!
Ok, well, let's work on this.... Update: Since we last met, I/we have.... acquired a new puppy; Jackson got a "big boy" hair cut (and already needs a trim); had pictures taken twice; attended 5 birthday celebrations - 2 child, 3 adult; 4 doctor visits- 2 Jackson, 2 me; walked in the March for Babies' and Kyle started a new job.
A little side view of the cut. He was totally ignoring me!

1 birthday party (posing with our friends, the Schultz's)- this was a farm themed birthday, complete with a petting zoo!

Another birthday party - so much fun at The Little Gym!

Playing with Daddy in between posing for pictures in Easter outfits
Gone fishin' with Uncle Brian and Daddy

Todd, the new puppy
"Shh, puppy sleeping"

Jackson with his buddy, Jacob
March for Babies- Team Carson
And a special treat back in March, was this group getting together!
This does not happen often enough! There were a few key players missing this night...