Tuesday, March 6, 2012



These are phone pics, and they are blurry, and i don't care.  These two little boys are my HEART - walking, talking, being little stinkers, but completely and totally my heart!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 Hugs & 4 Shoogas

Every single shool day, since July 17th, I have been given "4 Hugs & 4 Shoogas, because I'm 4 years old now, Mommy".  In my book, it's pretty much one of the best things ever.  But I'm simple like that when it comes to my kids! :)
   Jackson moved into the 4 year old class last week, as school started back.  He thought that was pretty cool, since he'd be in the big kid class now, but he's also informed me that next year he'll be at really big school and going to kindergarten!  I'm not so ready for that, but I'm also not worried.  He's a great little guy, I know he'll make friends and enjoy all the new experiences! 
He has such a soft heart too!  He can stop me in my tracks and really make me think and appreciate!  That's huge!  On the way to school a few days ago, he told me that "I wanted a good Daddy, so God made him for me".  Genius!  And I hadn't realized until then, how right he is!  God made US, the parents, for THEM, our kids!  Not the other way around!
One day when we picked up Sawyer, he was having "one of his fits" as we say.  No tears.  Nothing is really wrong.  He's just mad/not getting his way/doesn't want to do whatever.  He's the bulldozer and the fact that he's 17 months old, and not 4 - just like his brother - evades him at times.  Anyway, Jackson and I were picking Sawyer up and Sawyer was having a fit. As I am trying to get him buckled into his seat, Jackson is steadily picking up toys, etc. offering them to help settle him down.  "Sawyer, you want this toy?"  Sawyer takes the toy, looks at it, then throws it down saying "No!".  Three toys given and thrown before my sweet little boy offers to share his snack with his little brother.  "Mommy, can Sawyer have some of my snack?  Can he eat craisins?"  I said, "Yes, he can eat those, are you sure you want to share?  That's really nice of you!"  Jackson - "Yes, it will make my baby brother happy.  Here you go, Sawyer!"  To which Sawyer says "Thank you"  and the fit was turned off.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a storm to remember

I am so not a fan of storms! If we were talking some rain, a little thunder, even lightening, I'd be fine! But in the past 2 weeks we have had STORMS! I'm talking tornado sirens going off storms!
Well on the most recent night of storms I was home alone with the boys, Kyle was out of town. And long story of how I was a nervous wreck all night made short, my point is that I ended up putting us in the bathroom during these tornado warnings/watches.
This is where my story that I want to remember actually starts. As I decided to "move into a safer area", Sawyer was almost asleep and Jackson was ready to have his down time. Carrying Sawyer, I grabbed up a handful of books and told Jackson to "come with me". I grabbed all the pillows and blankies out of his room and we landed in the bathroom floor. He thought it was "cool". I told him is was "like camping". Sawyer was uncomfortable and sleepy and then he got hot because I was holding him in my lap. But Jackson was a trooper!!! He laid back on his pillow, pulled a blankie up on his legs, read books and drank his milk! Never a complaint, never asking to get up and leave, nothing!! I did tell him that the rain wasn't so loud when we were in there. Then he took it upon himself to tell his little brother, "It's ok Sawyer, we're just being safe, it's big rain outside"!
We weren't in there for too terribly long, thankfully! And then they were quickly asleep! Which is really good, because they slept through me carrying them back into the bathroom during the night!

Friday, March 4, 2011


This was my view of half of the back seat this morning! Sawyer is 1, today! He thought this new outlook on the world was great! He kept looking over at Jackson, like he's doing in the picture, and jabbering, then he'd clap his hands! Normally in the mornings he falls asleep before I can make it out of the neighborhood, not today - too many new things to see! At this time last year, I'm pretty sure I was requesting a Diet Coke! :) Maybe not, but I do know I was still feeling pretty relaxed! HA!

So, I now have a 1 year old and a 3 1/2 year old! And it's GREAT!! Such an awesome blessing!!

Sawyer is jabbering up a storm! (I have 2 non-stop talkers!) He says "Dada or Daddy" "Hi" "Bye" "Mama" his version of "Jackson" and he says "OOOOO" (think moo, without the "m") when asked what a cow says. He waves, claps, blows sugars. He climbs on everything, and takes a few steps at a time but it's still not fast enough for him. He's been picky about his food, the textures. So we're still eating some baby foods but with "finger" foods. He's doing well with a cup of milk and is pretty much weaning himself off the bottle; he's taking maybe 2 a day.
I can't believe it's already been 1 whole year!!
Happy Birthday to my sweet Sawyer!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


a few “Jacksonisms” for the memory book....

This morning I got caught in Alcoa school traffic...ugh...well, a minivan in front of me was letting everyone go in front of him and Jackson asked why that car was in front of us, I said “because he won’t go” “why won’t he go” and then I mumbled “b/c he doesn’t know how to drive” to which Jackson says “why not? Just turn on the car and turn the wheel. I can drive my Mack truck” (that would be Mack, from Cars, the movie)

I dressed him in jeans today. I rarely do that. Anyway, when we got to school he went in the playroom and I went to his room to put his stuff in his cubby. When I got back to tell him bye, he had his knee up to Mrs. Melba’s and was saying “look Mrs. Melba, me and you have on our britches” So I explained that his Uncle has taught him that jeans are britches and everything else are just pants.

Oh and last night.... Kyle always asks me “did you talk to anyone today” So Jackson has picked up on this. We were eating supper and he turns to me and asks “you talk to anyone today?” and I said “January, and Carrie, and Aunt Jessy” and he wanted to know what everyone said and then I told him that Savannah was sick and had to go to the dr. So he says “like me and Sawyer? Savannah doesn’t feel good, like me and Sawyer don’t feel good? Aunt Jessy will take care of her and she will feel better”

Last week, during another snow, I was layering on his clothes to go play in the snow when he says to me "Mommy, you know who makes the snow?" So, of course I ask who. To which he replies in the sweetest 3 1/2 year old voice, "God does! He's smart! He can do ANYTHING!"

He's so great!!!! I mean, honestly, a GREAT kiddo! And I absolutely LOVE the things he says!!! And the random "I love you Mommy" or "I give you a hug and shooga" are THE BEST!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Boys

So Sawyer is 10 months. TEN. MONTHS. Hello?! That's 2 short of ONE YEAR! When that happened, I'm not really sure!
Kyle calls him "the bull dozer". It's not the most endearing thing he's been called, but it's probably the most accurate. This child does not care what is in his way, if he wants on the other side, done. He'll go over, through, sometimes around, shove it out of his way. Whatever it takes. And he's not slowed down by said obstacle. But he's so loving too! He just lays his head over on me, and he gives big wet baby sugars! It's the best!

Jackson is 3 1/2! Like, I'll have a pre-K kid in seven months?! Cra-zee!
Of course he's really 3 going on 13. He cracks me up! The things this kids says! A friend of mine posted on her FB that her little one was calling her by her first name. It reminded me that I needed to write down what Jackson has called us. He's called his Daddy, Kyle. And he knows he's not really supposed to, so he does it in sing-song and then smiles. And he's called me "Honey". Again with the sing-song and smile. A comedian, and a so loving too!

Let's see....
He loves PB&J's -to the point he really could turn into one! I'll ask him on our drive home what sounds good for supper, and he answers "Weeelll, Maybe a peanut butter jelly would be good". He likes to use "maybe" and he's started this drawn out "weeelll" pronounced more like 'whale' very southern, very cute!

I told him he was a "stinkpot" and he always says "No, Pa's a stinkpot". It's Pa's word, so naturally. To which I said "I think you're a stinkpot too". And he replies with "Weeelll, maybe sometimes"

Start Over

Rewind, Do Over, Begin Anew, Whatever you want to call it.

One of my New Year's resolution is to get back to and be better at blogging!! I'm going to stop worrying about how things sound and if it's interesting to some random reader and just do it for me. For the boys. For a record. And if I don't want someone to read it, then I won't post it, but I WILL "write it down"!

Because, I mean, how many times to think "I really need to write this down!"?? Sometimes I will email it or text it to myself for a reminder. But from now on, it's here, in one place. Yes. That's one of my resolutions!